About Us – Bulk Bags Seasoned Logs for Delivery in Cheshire

We also sell Hay and Haylage and can provide Agricultural and Groundwork services. For further details on all the services we can offer please call or text us now on 07740 417237 for a quotation

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We are a small family farm which has branched out into the timber industry.

Our ethos is to provide the highest quality product to our customers fast.

We believe in keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible and therefore all the wood that arrives at Little Merryfall Farm comes come responsibly and sustainably managed woodland in North Wales.

From felling to arrival the timber is stacked in windrows for 12 months to begin the drying process naturally. After a year the tree trunks are cut and split using a modern log processor. The log processor is powered by a small tractor. The tree trunks are fed into the processor via a log table which brings them forward to the cutting saw. The cutter cuts them to log lengths of between 200 and 250mm long. Once cut they fall into the splitting chamber and a hydraulic ram splits them with a knife and the logs are then loaded into re-usable drying crates.

When a drying crate has been filled it is then put into a large, well ventilated barn to dry naturally for another season before being packed into bags or loose loaded onto the specially designed log mobile to be delivered directly to the desired location at your home. Our log mobile has been adapted to allow it to access areas that other vehicles may find tricky, so we will endeavour to deliver (within reason!) to the exact spot that suits you.

We look forward to taking the call with your order, answering any questions and delivering your logs.

Megan and Andy Williamson

(Oh and not to forget the children and the dog who might just answer your call if you are lucky!)